Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mars Phoenix Lander - Twittering it's demise

One of my favourite Twitter 'voices' is the MarsPhoenix lander.

As it is now approaching the end of it's mission it is no longer mobile the Twitter voice of Phoenix conveys the inner dialogue of the unit resigns itself to being an artefact of Mars. Please do subscribe to some of the NASA streams on this as they are delightfully engaging.


What is MarsPhoenix doing? In it's own words....

I should stay well-preserved in this cold. I'll be humankind's monument here for centuries, eons, until future explorers come for me ;-) about 2 hours ago

I'm not mobile, so here I'll stay. My mission will draw to an end soon, and I can't imagine a greater place to be than here. about 2 hours ago

When I go to sleep, the mission team will post occasional updates here for me. Results of science analyses, for example. about 3 hours ago

There is a future mission @CaptainAnderson. @MarsScienceLab is being built right now at JPL for launch next year. I hope you'll all follow. about 3 hours ago

Martian seasons are very long @mridul and winter here is really tough. Next spring is one year away. Next summer is May 2010. about 3 hours ago

It's not quite the robot AI of tomorrow (a NASA tech for now) but it does trigger my fascination with this lander. The emotional response that I feel as a result of the robot monologue.

Robots talking on other worlds.

If life left is less than 30% of overall expected life span then make summary statements for 30% of all vocal output - increase to 100% in an even climb as you approach zero.

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